Nike pitch work

During my time at AKQA, I had the pleasure of pitching multiple times for one my all time favorite brands, Nike. Below are two different pieces of work—The Gen-Z Brand Book was a leave-behind artifact that was given to the NIke team after the in-person pitch. The focus was about connecting and speaking the language of a new breed of athletes – Generation Z. The idea of creating a book came out of a need to express the character of Gen-Z in a way that felt bold, tactile and in your face. I wanted the design language to be very anarchist, breaking rules of mediums as well as use unconventional styles and layouts. I collaborated with an incredible copywriter and we worked under immense time constraints and resources. We pulled this book together from concept to print in just one week. I was responsible for all design elements & the physical print of the book itself.


Nike + AKQA


UI, Print design, Motion



Nike + WeChat

The second piece was exploring how Nike could create it's own 'Mini program' within WeChat to provide a new kind of Nike experience for it's customers in Asia. Our team banded together over a few long nights to explore some concepts that used motion as a strong selling point to make the mini program feel alive. My role was crafting mobile interfaces and animating them in sync with the story the presenter would be telling during the pitch.