Feel more at H&M Home

While at AKQA I had the pleasure of working alongside an amazing team to pitch for H&M Home. Prior to H&M Home’s creation, the brand was experimenting with home decor & textile products amongst their assortment. After a successful Home only pop-up store in Stockholm, H&M started to grow the 'Home' brand for it’s decor, textiles, furniture etc. As the brand evolved, their product offering diversified and broadened. Their next ambition was prioritising the digital customer experience. Home had formulated an ethos about the brand but wasn’t communicating this well on their digital platforms. “We’ve put a lot effort and hard work in the physical stores and will now focus, with all our hearts, to become a world class interior brand online.”. Our goal for the pitch was to go big and bold with a new experience for 'Home' items on H&Ms website.




UX/UI, Motion



In order to start defining some territories that we would focus on, we began reframing the brief as a series of ‘how might we’ questions to try and unpack what they were asking us to do vs what we felt were some opportunity areas. The brief posed a few areas that they wanted us to focus on: functionality, navigation, usability, structure/layout & visual expression. We spent some time researching beautiful and functional brands within the home decor space – but also different industries to find experiences that hit the mark on the pillars above in interesting and intuitive way.To help guide us during the pitch, we spent some time unpacking the H&M Home brand and what makes it unique. Not having an already existing strong brand articulation documented, we spent some time auditing the existing executions of the brand – pulling together word clouds, excerpts from brand messaging etc. We used these to help guide some principles that ultimately mapped some traits of the Home brand from the rational/utility end of the spectrum through to a more emotional/future driven set of perspectives.